Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney Matthew Waring Answers your Personal Injury and Legal Questions

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What to do after a car accident in Florida?

Car accidents are far and away the biggest cause of personal injuries in Florida. Cars are dangerous. Roads are dangerous. People drive aggressively in South Florida. So what do you do after you have been in a car accident? (1) Call the Police. Regardless of how minor...

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How to know if You have a personal injury case in Florida?

This is a very common question I see frequently. Many people feel sheepish about asking lawyers if they have a personal injury case. Some people even feel shame. My goal is to make you feel more comfortable about speaking with an attorney about a potential injury...

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Minor impact?

South Florida Car Accident Lawyer, Matthew Waring, answers some of the most common questions people have after they have been in a car accident. What is a minor car accident? Your accident may not be as “minor” as you think. The real question you should ask yourself...

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